Face veneer and sliced veneer from Placage St-Raymond
Combining knowledge of VENEER with production expertise

On May 9, 2017, The Penrod Group was recognized “for 50 years of outstanding contributions and dedication to our industry by the Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Association” (now known as DHA).

St-Raymond Veneer Inc. offers the powerful combination of an advanced manufacturing facility in St-Raymond, Quebec, Canada; sought-after production expertise; commitment to quality standards; and competitive costs.

Part of The Penrod Group, St-Raymond gives its manufacturing customers the high-value veneer they need.

St-Raymond Face Veneer

We offer a variety of species – more than 30 species, in fact. Most are from North American regions, and others are from almost every other continent.
We offer a variety of sizes – up to 10 feet long, and widths beyond 5 feet when needed.
We make a variety of products, including dimensions, matching schemes, and much more.
We put together whatever size crate you want.
You can pick up or we can ship to you.
We are competitively priced with reasonable lead times.
Our quality of manufacturing is strong and we work with you to make sure the grade is on target.
We can put together a wide range of shipment sizes, from large containers to individual crates with just 10 or 15 pieces.

St-Raymond Sliced Veneer

We offer a quality sliced product in key species.
Most of our customer relationships have lasted for decades; we take tremendous pride in the endorsement of return business.
We understand the high utility of key species and with our competitive prices, offer you higher value.

Forest Products That Meet the Needs of Global Manufacturers

Ask about our FSC® certified products

FSC C103141

Quality Products Produced By Craftsmen

color, character, grain, grade
With a broad inventory of major species, we work hard to ensure you get delivery of the products you need when you need them.
White Oak
Aromatic Cedar
Red Oak

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